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On Higer Bus Met the Legendary Olympic Champion

2008-08-14    Source:english.chinabuses.com

August 08, 2008, the last moment before the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic game, also the passion climax of torch relay, lanes and streets in Beijing are full of festival happiness and friends from all over the world are gathering in Beijing to witness the integration of Chinese culture and Olympic Games.


Hungary guest is very satisfied with Higer bus


The Longmai hot spring resort of Beijing, almost all the Hungary guests including the Hungarian Olympic officers, athletes and spectators from afar Hungary are staying here. The Longmai hot spring resort will undertake the traveling task of these foreign guests during the Olympic Games, while the buses are mainly from Higer bus. Therefore Higer bus will take on the shuttle work during the Olympic Games. Higer Bus Company got a lot of great honor and achievement in the past important events, including the success of 500 buses serving Doha Asia Games in 2006, serving Qingdao sailboat competition in 2007 and the Jinji and Baihua film festival as designated bus etc. With these good resume, we have all reasons to expect a good performance of Higer bus during this Olympic Games


A few months ago, Higer bus dispatched a good maintenance team to Beijing to make a comprehensive inspection for all the buses serving Olympic Games Basing on these serious and careful preparation makes sure the high quality and efficient reception in this Olympic Game.


In the contacting with Hungary guests, we found Roman by accident, the legend wrestling champion of Tokyo Olympic Game in 1964. Before the Tokyo Olympic Games, he had won the sliver medals three times in Olympic Games’ same class wrestling match. Getting medals 4 times in his 4 times attending Olympic Games makes his experience very infrequency in the modern history of Olympic Games.


Roman will visit the beautiful scenery and historical sports in Beijing besides watching Olympic Games. The model KLQ6109 of Higer bus is the mainly traveling tool for them. Roman expects Beijing Olympic Games very much and that’s why he comes to Beijing. In addition, Roman highly praised Higer bus for its amenities and good performance. He said it was as good as international well-known bus brands and offered him a very comfortable and relax trip. In our conversation, the white haired old man told us his happiness with very low tone. This conversation can be done in buses with very low noise. It is an excellent show of Higer bus’s comfort


While highly praised by Hungary guests, other Higer buses are running busily for reception. We believe customers’ satisfaction and evaluation is the quality criteria of Higer Bus.


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