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Zonda Make Green Environmental Protection Bus

2008-08-13    Source:english.chinabuses.com

August 1 is the day that Chinese People's Liberation Army has been constituted for 81 years, barely 7 days until the opening of Beijing Olympic Games. Right on this day, Zonda environment-friendly double-decker bus was put into operation of Beijing city bus No.2 route, serving Beijing Olympics. Zonda Automobile Group spent nearly 2 years from planning, selecting to being put into operation of Olympic bus for the sake of this moment. All staffs have made numerous efforts and sweat, with the zeal for Beijing Olympic Games and the responsibility of Enterprise Citizen for constructing green harmony society.



Zonda Automobile Group, a well-known enterprise on bus manufacturing, is also a private joint-stock corporation with such a civic responsibility as that of the international top-grade enterprises. Fulfilling actively the social responsibility has become an important component of strategy, deeply melted into development system and been a part of routine planning, management and enterprise’s DNA of Zonda Automobile Group


Zonda Automobile Group always insists on making green environment-friendly passenger buses, which exactly agrees with the requirements of "building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society" proposed by the Seventeenth National Congress of CPC. As early as the end of 2005, Zonda Automobile Group set up a professional R & D team to specially developing resource-saving bus and had come up with Euro III bus ahead of the current Euro II environmental requirements. As Zonda Automobile Group expected, from January 1, 2009, the government requires the bus exhaust standard must meet China III standard. Strong corporation citizen responsibility wins market advantage for Zonda Automobile Group once again.


2008 Beijing Olympics is "green Olympics, technological Olympics and cultural Olympics". Beijing sets up very strict standards about the environmental performance of vehicles which service the Olympics, and the vehicles of high exhaust and high fuel consumption can not become the Olympic service bus. In order to provide better service for Beijing Olympics, Zonda Automobile Group carefully studied the standards of Olympic bus, selected JLY6120SCK environment-friendly double-decker bus to bid for the 2008 Beijing Olympic bus, and got a big order of total value nearly 100 million yuan and 100 units of double-decker buses.


On August 2, 2008, Notice about strengthening electricity & oil save was released by State Department. It encourages people to use low fuel consumption & earth-friendly vehicles and clean energy automobiles, which also involved into government’s purchasing list. This policy brings a new development opportunity to Zonda Automobile Group. As an enterprise always with strong social responsibility, Zonda Automobile Group focuses on researching and developing the more environmental-friendly & energy conservation buses in return for society and to fulfill the obligation of constructing energy conservation & earth-friendly society.

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