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School Buses in China 2

2008-08-12    Source:english.chinabuses.com

In the United States, school bus is common to see in the street and the color is yellow. Yutong Group will change the conditions of China school buses. The bus uses Yutong's domestically designed chassis that has a closed loop body frame. The design also includes a caution light on top for the first time for increased safety. Designed for children of different ages, the buses have various configurations for seats and safety devices. It also has centrally controlled safety belts.


A figure shows that 51 percent of students need care takers to accompany them to school and back in Beijing, at the same time, 68 percent of parents hope the schools or government can provide bus services. The demand is huge. There would be at least 800,000 students using school buses in Beijing.


Many bus manufacturers believe that the professional school bus would be in widespread use in China with safety and standard.



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