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Yuchai Group the 22nd of 2008 Chinese Top 500 Machinery

2008-08-12    Source:english.chinabuses.com

A few days ago, the press conference of Research Report on Chinese Top 500 Machinery Manufacturers of 2008 was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Yuchai Group was listed the 22nd of "Chinese Top 500 Machinery Manufacturers", 2 positions higher compared to last year.


The selection of "Chinese Top 500 Machinery Manufacturers of 2008" was organized by China Machinery Industry Enterprise Management Association and co-organized by World Executive Weekly, World Corporation Laboratory (WCL) and Machinery Industry Economy Management Research Institute. It is known that “Chinese Top 500 Machinery Manufacturers” refers to the international methods and adopts Conjoint Value Analysis (CVA) of Enterprise Competitiveness  designed in line with international convention by WCL to carry out comprehensive analysis of enterprises’ data. Besides, the industrial difference, reputation index and other factors are also considered during the selection of top 500 machinery manufacturers.


Under the guidance of enterprise core concept of "green development and all win in harmony", Yuchai's sales revenue of 2007 reached 18.35 billion Yuan and the production and sales of diesel engines made a breakthrough of 500,000 pieces. Yuchai has been the first place in domestic industry for consecutively 7 years and its units production in single plant has also kept in the first place in the world.


In 2008, the Chinese internal-combustion engine industry will continue to keep increasing steadily due to the rapid growth of automobile industry. The gap between the output of automobile and engine are will still exist. In the first half of 2008, the sales revenue of Yuchai Group reached 12.38 billion Yuan, increased by 38.85 % compared to last year; the sales of diesel engines reached 348,000 pieces, increased by 32.76% compared to last year. Besides the products of diesel engines, Yuchai Group has also made considerable progress in engineering machinery, special purpose vehicle, lubricant chemical industry, automobile parts, trade logistics, etc.


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