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HIGER Built Special Service Center in Beijing

2008-08-12    Source:english.chinabuses.com

HIGER put 1500 buses and coaches into Beijing Olympic operation. The manager of HIGER After-sales Service Department told journalist that in order to ensure HIGER vehicles in a good operation during Olympics, HIGER built Special Service Center in Beijing.



All the Higer Bus service stations in Beijing are well prepared in aspect of staff, spare parts, backup vehicle and emergence handling etc. Besides, a professional service team with more than 30 senior technicians is staying in Beijing whose members ever served the Doha Asian Games.

In order to harmonize the service in Olympics Games, Higer Bus Company sets up a management team under the lead of customer service director.

At the beginning of May, the meeting of “Olympics Vehicle Service Scheme” was held to set down the service maintenance working plan; In the middle of June, “Olympics Service Maintenance Meeting” attended by 15 factories including Engine, Axle, Gearbox, Air Conditioner company, etc. was held. They communicated on how to fulfill the service support, spare parts inventory and personnel in order to smooth the Olympics service cooperation, build up and share the service and spare parts platform.



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