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THE EU Wants to Warn Eachother for Traffic Problems

2008-08-08    Source:english.chinabuses.com

The European Commission intends to make it possible for vehicles on the road to warn each other automatically for traffic jams and dangerous situations, like for example black ice. To enable this kind of smart communication between vehicles a part of the European wireless spectrum will be made available intentionally for this type of messages.


The Commission, as the administrative board of the EU, has meanwhile reached consensus about this subject. Smart communication systems should be able to shorten the traffic jams and make the roads safer within the whole European region. In 2006 more than 42.000 people were killed in the European traffic, while more than 1,6 million people were injured. Each day there is some 7500 kilometer of traffic jamming on the European roads, while the average European spends about 25 percent of is time on the road in these jams. The total costs of these traffic jams will reach about 80 billion euro in 2010.


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