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Green Buses Bring Blue Sky During the Olympics

2008-08-08    Source:english.chinabuses.com

Beijing took more than 200 measures to improve air quality in the past ten years. UN Environment Program (UNEP) has been working with the Beijing Olympic Committee for the last three years in order to help make the Summer Games environmentally-friendly.


The Chinese government has spent 17 billion U.S. dollars on a large-scale green drive ahead of the Games, including a series of long-term environmental improvements for the city. As part of this, the city has introduced tougher standards for vehicle emissions and phased out ozone-depleting substances. The authorities have also expanded Beijing's public transport network with three new subway lines and the introduction of some 3, 800 compressed natural gas buses -- one of the largest fleets of in any city in the world. The city has replaced 50,000 taxis and 10,000 buses with environment-friendly vehicles. Green buses, green Beijing and green Olympic will be showed to the people from all over the world on August 8, 2008.


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