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Higer Buses provide one year’s Warranty

2008-07-25    Source:english.chinabuses.com

In order to further promote the sale and the competition of Higer buses and coaches, Higer Bus Company Limited has decided to provide one year’s Warranty for the buses and coaches sold overseas(please refer to the Edition B of the” Warranty Booklet” for the details).


1. Warranty Period


Item Regulation


Complete vehicle warranty period


1) Warranty time: Within 12 months front the day the vehicle is legally licenced or 15 months front the day the vehicle leaves Higer factory (date on the vehicle nameplate).


2) Warranty mileage: within 100, 000 km.


3) The warranty period shall expire whichever of the above two items comes.


4) It excludes the items in the “Warranty limitation


Parts warranty period When the parts in the complete vehicle have been repaired or replaced based on the warranty terms, the warranty period of the repaired parts or new parts shall be the remaining period of the original ones.


Remark: The specific terms shall be included in the edition B of Higer “Warranty Booklet”.



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