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Economy Drive with Automatic Transmissions by ZF

2008-07-24    Source:english.chinabuses.com
Summarize:With the AS Tronic automatic transmission family, ZF covers a broad application range in the commercial vehicle. Both the AS Tronic for heavy trucks and the AS Tronic mid and lite for medium and light ...

With the AS Tronic automatic transmission family, ZF covers a broad application range in the commercial vehicle. Both the AS Tronic for heavy trucks and the AS Tronic mid and lite for medium and light delivery vehicles are easy to handle, safe, and particularly economical. The same applies to the eTronic by ZF, an automatic transmission for vans, and the TC Tronic, which makes maneuvering with heavy vehicles of up to 250 tons significantly easier.


For manufacturers like Iveco, DAF or MAN, Renault, and Volvo, the AS Tronic transmission range is the first choice for automatic shifting in commercial vehicles. Its advantages: easy handling, safety, and fuel savings. While the larger members of the transmission family, the AS Tronic and TC Tronic are suited for heavy trucks and construction vehicles, the AS Tronic lite and the AS Tronic mid take care of gearshifts in smaller delivery trucks and medium-duty commercial vehicles. Vans are best equipped with the eTronic by ZF.


AS Tronic
At the end of 2007, ZF celebrated an anniversary: the 250,000th produced large AS Tronic transmission. More than 50 percent of all new commercial vehicles in long-distance traffic in Western Europe which are equipped with a ZF transmission now actually feature this system. The main reason for this success is fuel economy: The automatic transmission solution keeps the engine in the optimum speed range all the time so that power is transmitted very efficiently to the drive axles which, in turn, saves fuel. With its 12 speeds, the AS Tronic covers the torque range from 1,600 to 3,100 newton meters while the 16-speed version offers particularly fine spreading for engines with up to 2,600 newton meters. The ZF-AS Tronic is also installed in modern coaches of many manufacturers. "The AS Tronic, which has been in volume production for ten years now, is the most successful automatic transmission system for commercial vehicles. It is considered a milestone in driveline development and has meanwhile become indispensable in freight transport", explains Wolfgang Vogel, Group Executive of the Commercial Vehicle and Special Driveline Technology division at ZF Friedrichshafen AG.


AS Tronic mid
From a technological point of view, the AS Tronic mid is based on the large AS Tronic, the 12 gear steps are shifted pneumatically. In order to cover as many types of application as possible, ZF offers the AS Tronic mid with a low power-to-weight ratio for torque ranges from 800 to 1,600 newton meters. The medium AS Tronic version is used for example in the TGM series by MAN or in the new Eurocargo by Iveco.


AS Tronic lite
The AS Tronic lite 6-speed transmission for light trucks (500 to 1,050 newton meters) and light buses is based on the manual transmission ZF-Ecolite. In contrast to the larger AS Tronic versions, the AS Tronic lite is equipped with an electrohydraulic shift module – this means applications are possible even in vehicles without compressed air supply. When used in delivery vehicles, the automatic shifting plays off its strengths to the fullest – no shifting or clutch actuation in city traffic means more comfort and safety since the driver can fully focus on traffic.


This transmission range also provides the basis for the ZF hybrid version. Under the name "ZF HyTronic", there will soon be solutions which are fully suitable for everyday use.


For light vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of up to seven tons, ZF offers the automatic transmission called eTronic. The 6-speed transmission with direct drive or overdrive ratio has been combined to form one unit, including all components and cable connections, and is thus very easy to install. The electromechanically operating clutch and shift module are supplied with power from the vehicle electrics. The eTronic has proven its advantages for example in the Iveco Daily. In the case of the hybrid version of the eTronic transmission, the 41 kW strong electric motor is integrated into the driveline.


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