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The Trend of Future Development on China Buses Industry

2008-07-22    Source:english.chinabuses.com

The buses and coaches industry in China is currently experiencing very strong growth and solid profits after a couple of rather difficult years. As the next downturn is inevitable, all industry players are satisfying acute market demand as well as constantly improving and securing their long-term competitiveness. Technological developments, changes in value chain structures, and supplier markets need to be closely monitored and appropriate action needs to be taken. Value chain structures in the buses and coaches have significantly changed over the last decade.


Regarding the related technology, a significant amount of new technologies will be introduced into commercial vehicle over the next 7 years. Electronics and especially driver assistance systems are the areas in which the majority of new technologies and related functionalities will be introduced. New technologies in power train and chassis will be launched with substantial volume, as they will not be offered as optional equipment or features but are integral part of new vehicles. Focus of product development will shift from adding functionality to reducing vehicle costs and increasing reliability–a different approach regarding innovation is necessary.


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