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SCANIA HIGER A80 Passed the European Rollover Test Standard

2008-07-18    Source:english.chinabuses.com

On July 1st 2008 a Scania Higer A80 bus underwent the ECE R66-01 Bus Upper Framework Strength norm as published by UN European Economy Committee, and now also adopted by the Chinese government. It was carried out on the 12-meter Scania Higer A80 luxury bus in the China Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Buses, in Chongqing; the bus whitstood this tilt test successfully. Higer is the first Chinese bus manufacturer who succeeded in withstanding this test after the new standard came into force.


Compared to the former R66-00 tilt test, this new test is more strict, while it is also the most applicated and rigid tilt test standard in the world at this moment. Not only is it used by the European community, but also by other countries and areas including Middle East and Australia. Higer Bus Company Limited is the first Chinese bus manufacturer whose products are in conformity with the new standard.Goal of this test is to develop a vehicle that will protect the passengers from being injured or killed during an accident. It requires sufficient strength of the bus framework, and resistance against a rollover. The Scania Higer A80 reached a tilt angle of up to 39 degrees.



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