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Mercedes-Benz Safety Workshop Debuts

2008-01-25    Source:english.chinabuses.com

Mercedes-Benz Safety Workshop made the grand Asian debut in Zhuhai, China recently. The workshop fully presented Mercedes-Benz remarkable philosophy, history, achievements and development in auto safety. Technical experts from Daimler AG demonstrated the most leading-edge safety technologies to the participants through vivid presentations, 3D power wall demonstration, various exhibits and field test-driving during the workshop.


As of the future auto safety development, Mercedes-Benz has given its full backing to this commitment by developing a more intelligent and developed driver assistance system, ensuring a safer and relaxed driving experience. Mercedes-Benz is already starting to push forward for a new safety concept: integrate safety which network active safety and passive safety to protect the occupant and the surrounding of the vehicle as well. In the workshop, it also demonstrated some advanced technologies which lead the future. The driver assistance systems such as Spurhalte-Assistant and Kreuzungs-Assistant are under research. They will make the future automobile more intelligent, ensuring a stride towards accident-free driving.



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