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Yutong Bus Made a New Record, Consuming 16.88L per 100 Kilometers

2008-01-22    Source:english.chinabuses.com

The "Invaluable" activity held by Yutong in Sanya should be the end of the series activity, but due to its great influence of oil saving and significant training effect, which was accepted by clients, currently was carried out in Beijing by request of many big travel services to meet their needs of oil saving.


The activity started on 12 January, lasting a week's time, mainly containing two training courses of "oil saving hero competition" and "oil saving skills".All participants from five famous travel services in Beijing had proven the values by driving Yutong buses which had average reduce of 2.59L per 100km of oil consuming.


Desheng Chen, driver from Beijing Bafangtong Transit Co., Ltd won the champion by costing 17.91L oil, and Pulin Cheng, from North Auto, had made a new record of 16.88L in the contest.


A new technology developed to save oil, to control cost for transit companies, by Yutong had promoted nearly one year which could reduce 5%-10% oil consuming,equvalent to 1-3L oil and getting great success.


Yutong expressed that, nowadays, not noly offer our clients bus and coach products,
but also help them gain benefits, the "value" concept which aims to help to create more values will continue to serve clients.



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