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Zhongtong: Had Four Times Increase of Retained Profits in 2007

2008-01-18    Source:english.chinabuses.com

According to Zhongtong's estimate, its retained profits had an increase of 397.47% in 2007 compared with the same period in 2006, it was siad that the main reasons are because the extension of sales force size and brand effect, and the decline of non-operating expenses.

Zhongtong announced its income from main business is 1.333 billion Yuan, up 32.13, retained profit is 26,720,000 Yuan, rising 397.47% and EPS is 0.1121 Yuan with an increase of 398.22%. From January to October, Zhongtong had exported 1100 unit buses, equvalent to 0.35 billions Yuan,expecting its sales amount to break through 0.45 billions Yuan in whole 2007. Meanwhile, the price of complete vehicles rose 30% which was considered as a improvement of technology, quality and brand effect. Zhongtong has
its vehicles service in Middle East, South Africa, and now aiming to enter Europan and American markets.


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