Changzhou Iveco Bus Co., Ltd


Changzhou Iveco Bus Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of Fiat Group Iveco Company and Changzhou Changjiang Bus Group Co., Ltd. which offers various types of city buses, bus chassis, relevant parts and provides high quality after service. This company is the city public traffic infrastructure innovation project enjoying the support of the state, and it is the largest foreign investment program in Changzhou. The gross investment of the company is RMB 825.81 million (USD 99.82 million), and the registered capital is RMB 664 million (USD 80 million). Changzhou Iveco Bus Co., Ltd. employs over 3,000 persons, among which over 700 are technicians (including over 500 engineers with advanced or intermediate technical titles). The area it covers is more than 400,000 square meters and among them the building area is over 180,000 square meters.

Changzhou Iveco has introduced the product, manufacturing and information management technology into the company from Iveco, Italy. The product technology refers to the introduction of bus chassis series 391, 12m bus series, 8m bus series and bus parts; the manufacturing technology includes the introduction of chassis line, body line and test facilities and the innovation of the coating line in existence; the information management technology means the introduction of Iveco's advanced and scientific management software and advanced management methods. The company is equipped with a full set of assembly line, i.e., welding line, coating line, final assembly line, casting sand treatment line, shower test and performance test line etc. Its subordinate chassis works has the front and rear axles assembly line, 3-class chassis assembly line and 3-class chassis test line. Changzhou Iveco always pays ample attention to the technical innovation and advancement, and attaches great importance to the scientification and standardization of management. CAD, CAM and CAPP systems have all along been widely applied in the company, and in 1999 a large amount of money was invested to construct the Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS), which passed the inspection by the provincial CIMS expert panel and was put into operation on Nov. 9th 2000.