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With its first edition published in 2005,China Buses Guide has become a must read for overseas customers and Embassy in China, and gained more and more readers from both domestic and abroad. China Buses Guide is a comprehensive catalogue through which you will quickly learn about the latest models of China coaches and buses.
We are glad to share this valuable Guide with our distinguished readers.


Overseas Readers

Kuwait Reader

Name: Gassan
Country: Kuwait
Message <China Buses Guide 2021> :I am writing you an email in order to have an access on the China bus guide download 2021 .Could kindly send me the password for downloading . I am writing you an email in order to have an access on the China bus guide download 2021 .Could kindly send me the password for downloading .

U.A.E Reader

Name: Muhammad Ali Fasheeh
Country: U.A.E.
Message <China Buses Guide 2019> :China Buses Guide 2019: Good morning !please do send a copy of 2018 if available. Our Company is China bus dealer since 2008,I am more interested in launching Chinese new energy buses in UAE in line with the nations leaders views.

Ghana Reader

Name: Daniel Awotwi
Country: Ghana
Message <China Buses Guide 2019> : I‘m interested in the magazine, how can we get the password. Ghana Leading automobile distributor, Japan Motors Trading Company Ltd (JMTC) has introduced the Foton AUV Buses, acclaimed as the new milestone in the transport industry, including the 7 meters Mini Bus series, the 10-12 meters City Bus series and the 12 meters Coach series.

Brazil Reader

Name: Cláudio Nelson C. Ro
Country: Brazil
Message <China Buses Guide 2019> :Please, I would like to receive the password for the electronic copy of China Buses Guide 2018.The full name of my company is Via??o Santa Cruz Ltda..Its main business is regular passenger road transportation by coaches. My company is located at the city of Mogi Gua?u, in S?o Paulo State, Brazil.I know some Chinese bus makers and component suppliers from your website and Busworld Europe and IAA fairs.

Peru Reader

Country: Peru
Message <China Buses Guide 2019> :We would like to get the password to see the 14th edition of China buses guide. We have 120 China buses, including Yutong, King Long, Golden Dragon.

Uruguay Reader

Name: Pablo Caraballo
Country: Uruguay
Message <China Buses Guide 2019> :request password to access the guide.We are Cia.O.del Este in Uruguay- South America., our main business is operate city transport. We are looking for information about electric buses, China is at the forefront of this technology. What do you think about electric buses? Our buses are chassis Mercedes Benz with busbody Caio, we import them from Brazil.

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