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China’s Bus Exports Maintain Strong Growing Momentum

2023-02-28    Source:www.chinabuses.org

Despite all the challenges caused by COVID-19 and unprecedented changes occurring in the auto industry, China’s automobile industry has demonstrated an incredible resilience and has maintained robust growth in the global market. Since 2021, China’s bus makers have been steadily strengthening their presence abroad. China’s new energy buses, in particular, have been gaining fast rising popularity in the overseas market.

According to the statistics, China exported 3,056 units new energy buses in 2021, up by 19.38% year on year. In 2022, China’s export volume of new energy buses reached 7,565 units, up by 147.55% year on year. For the detailed information, please refer to Table 1 below. (M/L = medium- and large-sized)

Table 1 China’s Bus Exports in 2020, 2021 and 2022

Year Buses M/L buses (seats≥20) New Energy buses M/L new energy buses (seats≥20)
Exports in 2020 40,704 16,178 2,560 2,254
Exports in 2021 36,538 13,844 3,056 2,484
Growth in 2021 -10.23% -14.43% 19.38% 10.20%
Exports in 2022 48,197 19,788 7,565 6,394
Growth in 2022 31.91% 42.94% 147.55% 157.41%

From above, it is clear that China maintained impressive growths in the overseas new energy bus market in the past two years, far above the growth of bus exports. In 2021, China’s overall bus exports decreased by 10.23%. In sharp contrast, China’s exports of new energy buses increased by 19.38% year on year. In addition, the new energy bus export accounted for 8.36% of the total bus exports in 2021. One year later, the figure rose to 15.70%.

In 2022, China exported 19,788 units large- and medium-sized buses (number of seats≥20), up by 42.94% year on year. In the same year, China’s export volume of large- and medium-sized new energy buses reached 6,394 units, accounting for 32.31% of the total export volume of buses in the same category.

Table 2 China’s Bus Sales/Exports in 2020, 2021 and 2022

Year M/L bus (length≥7 meters) sales bus exports M/L bus (length≥7 meters) exports
2020 96,242 27,776 15,238
2021 87,525 29,407 17,450
Growth in 2021 -9.06% 5.87% 14.52%
2022 84,202 30,297 21,655
Growth in 2022 -3.80% 3.03% 24.10%

From Table 2, it is clear that China’s medium- and large-sized bus export grew by 14.52% and 24.10% year on year in 2021 and 2022. More impressively, China’s export of new energy buses grew by 19.38% in 2021 and 147.55% in 2022 (Table 1). China’s export of large- and medium-sized new energy buses increased by 14.52% in 2021 and 24.10% in 2022 (Table 2). In contrast, the overall sales of China’s medium- and large-sized buses went down by 9.06% and 3.80% year on year in 2021 and 2022.

As the world is making relentless efforts to cut carbon emissions, the auto industry is going through a fast transition from fossil fuel powered vehicles to clean and new energy powered vehicles. In recent years, China’s bus makers have been actively promoting their products, especially their new energy buses & coaches in the overseas market. On the back of more advanced technologies and higher environmental friendliness, buses and coaches made in China have been gaining fast growing popularity in many countries and regions.

Currently, China is playing a leading role in the new energy vehicle market, especially in the new energy bus market. Golden Dragon, BYD and other well-renowned bus makers have been delivering impressive performances in the overseas market. In Latin America, BYD has rolled out more sustainable transportation solutions for bus operators in Chile, Columbia, Brazil, Ecuador, etc.

BYD Electric buses in Columbia

Through constant technological innovations and upgrading, China’s bus makers have obvious competitive edges against their counterparts in such areas as product quality, manufacturing procedures and after-sales services. Nowadays, the whole bus cathodic electrophoresis and painting robots are widely employed.

The entry and growing presence of Chinese buses and coaches in European countries is of great significance. Focusing on promoting its electric buses & coaches in the overseas market, Golden Dragon made enviable achievements in 2022. In northern Europe, its sales volume doubled last year, which well demonstrates the bus maker’s fast growing presence in the region. Its huge success abroad lies in years of hard work of the bus maker: thorough investigation of local market; close cooperation with local bus operators and bus dealers. With its meticulous efforts to every detail, the bus maker has gained a solid footing in European countries, winning the hearts of many bus operators and passengers as well.

Golden Dragon coaches in Norway

Apart from exporting complete buses and coaches, Chinese bus makers have also been seeking cooperation with local business and launching their KD (knock-down) projects, creating jobs for foreign countries and earning themselves more maneuvering power in the global market. Take Golden Dragon for example. The bus maker launched its first CKD (completely knock-down) project in 2009. In 2022, it exported 5,305 units buses & coaches with a total value of over 2.1 billion RMB, growing at a two-digit pace. Its KD bus sales, in particular, reached 2,700 units in the overseas market, up by 180% year on year. In the same year, its export volume of electric buses & coaches exceeded 2,000 units (including chassis and KD products), up by 55% year on year.

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony of Golden Dragon’s KD Project in Egypt


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