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China Rolls out 563,000 Buses in 2013

2014-04-14    Source:www.chinabuses.org

www.chinabuses.org: According to the latest statistics, China's total production volume of buses & coaches (whole body vehicles and chassis) reach 563,000 units in 2013, up 11.19% year on year. In the meantime, the country sold 559,000 units, up 10.16% against the same period last year. The production and sales volume of whole body buses stood at 482,600 and 477,100 units respectively, up 13.35% and 12.11%. The production volume of bus chassis totaled 80,500, down 0.18% while the sales volume of bus chassis reach 81,800 units, up 0.03%.

In 2013, the production and sales volume of large buses numbered 79,200 units and 79,100 units, up by 5.35% and 5.22% respectively; the production and sales volume of large bus chassis both stood at around 2,600 units, down by 35.45% and 35.55%.

At the same time, China rolled out over 70,000 midibuses, up by 0.72%. The country sold nearly 69,000 units, down by 2.11%. The number of midibus chassis produced and sold both stood at over 20,000 units, up by 4.86% and 1.96%.

In terms of light-weight buses, the nation had 332,900 units off line and finally sold 329,300 units, up by 18.64% and 17.51%. As for the chassis produced for light-weight buses, the production and sales volume registered at 57,000 and 58,000 units respectively, up by 0.58% and 1.86%.


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