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Sales of 1210,000 Units for China Auto (February,2010)

2010-03-15    Source:www.chinabuses.org



According to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, we produced 1206,100 vehicles, link relative 25.30% down, year-on-year 49.13% up; sold 1211,500 vehicles, link relative 27.20% down, year-on-year 46.25% up in February.


Based on the statistic of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the sales of automobiles goes down due to the decreasing of the effective working days for Spring Festival holiday in February but still maintains the scale of a million with high growth speed. In Jan.-Feb., the accumulated sales volume exceeds 2800,000 units, the year-on-year growth of passenger cars and commercial vehicles is higher than 70% in production and sales.


In February, it produces 919,400 passenger cars, link relative 26.09 down, year-on-year 55.46% up and sells 942,900 passenger cars, link relative 28.35% down, year-on-year 55.25% up; it produces 286,700 commercial vehicles, link relative 22.68% down, year-on-year 31.92% and sells 268,600 commercial vehicles, link relative 22.87% down, year-on-year 21.50% up.


In Jan.-Feb., it produces 2821,000 and sells 2875,700 automobiles, 92.40% and 83.78% in the year-on-year growth respectively; it produces 2163,300 and sells 2258,900 passenger cars, 93.78% and 85.46% in the year-on-year growth respectively; it produces 657,700 and sells 616,800 commercial vehicles, 88.02% and 77.87% in the year-on-year growth respectively.


After the blooming January, it shows drop in production and sales in the domestic auto market and generally the sales link relative for bus builders reduces double-digit. According to the data released by China Passenger Car Association, the production and the sales of the domestic broad passenger cars (minibuses included) is 909,800 units and 881,100 units and the relative link almost falls 30%compared with January.


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