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China Hebei Province Exports 805 Buses in Jan.

2010-03-01    Source:www.chinabuses.org

www.chinabuses.org: According to latest statistics, 3,764 auto vehicles were exported in Hebei Province in January, valuing 31,823,000 USD, up 41.2% and 27.3% respectively year on year, 18.5% and 13.1% month on month, among which 805 buses were exported valuing 8,902,000 USD, up 430% respectively.


It’s learned that Hebei Province adjusting auto industry actively to open up emerging markets until recovery growth appears. Monthly growth started to be positive since August 2009 until end of last year. And export volumes and avenues approached the highest point last year in January this year, one tenth of national export volumes.


Pick-ups are still the main exported auto products, and 2,302 pick-ups were exported in Jan valuing 18,030,000 USD, up 14.1% and 17.6% respectively, taking 57% of all exported auto products, 19% less than that of last year. Export speed of sedans and buses accelerated clearly, 805 buses valuing 8,902,000 USD, up 450% and 430%, and 546 sedans valuing 3,514,000 USD, up 570% and 590% respectively. This showed that auto export in Hebei Province broke confine of single products and heading structural improvement and high quality.


Africa, Asia and Latin America are the main exporting markets for Hebei Province, 1,317 units, 976 units and 975 units were exported in Jan. respectively, 86.8% of exporting volumes.


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