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The 4th Great Influence to China Buses Industry·2009-2010 Announcement of Chinabuses Reader Survey & Awarding Ceremony

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Highway-Railway Competition Seminar Human Resource Seminar Overseas Markets Seminar

Brand Marketing Awards Banquet Awarding site

Awarding Ceremony of the 4th Great Influence to China Bus Industry Reader Survey

The 4th Great Influence to China Buses Industry 2009-2010 Announcement of Chinabuses Reader Survey & Awarding Ceremony kicked off on Jan. 30, 2009. And over 130 guests from bus companies, passenger transport companies, and mating companies joined the pageant...

Awards of Reader Survey in the 4th Great Influence to China Bus Industry

·2009 Top Ten News on China Bus Industry:Four Ministries Support Development of New Energy Vehicles
·2009 Best Employer:Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.
·Technical Innovation & Application Contribution Awards:Jiangxi Long Distance Transportation Co., Ltd., Hohhot Automobile Transportation Group……
·2010 Recommended Bus Model in China Bus Industry:Yutong ZK6127H……
·2010 Buses and Coaches Recommendation for Overseas Market:King Long XMQ6180
·2010 Recommendation on Energy-saving & Safety Parts and Components:Cummins, Shanghai Diesel Power……


Introduction of Great Influence to China Bus Industry

Starting from 2006, Great Influence to China Bus Industry has been held for four times, and each time the activities were warmly welcomed by bus companies, customers, mating enterprises, and readers concerning to bus industry. This time, over 400,000 valid votes have been received...

Introductions of Series Activities

There are four branch forums in the 4th Great Influence to China Bus Industry, namely, symposium of overseas markets of China bus industry, developemnt of road transportation under Highway-Railway competition seminar, China bus industry human resource symposium and 2009-2010 Policy, Technique, Brand and Markets Forum...

Development of China Bus Industry Overseas Markets Seminar
Kong Fanrong, senior consultant of overseas markets of China buses

Jiang Ruiyun, Manager of Zonda Bus Co., Ltd.


Rosemary McClenaghan, CEO of North Ireland WeeGreen Tourism Co., Ltd.

Chenjing, Manager of Allison Transmission Group(Asia)


Ma Deshi, Manager of Marketing Department of Foton AUV Bus Comapny
Sun Dongli, Overseas Marketing Company of Zhongtong Bus Co., Ltd.
Zhu Guangdong, Shandong Tongsun Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Kevin Dickson, Canada Hydraumatic Company


Zhang Yanting, Deputy Editor of Chinabuses.org., is hosting the seminar

Group photos of overseas marketing seminar


Hot discussion after seminar


Guests from Britain and Canada is exchanging ideas about China bus industry

China bus industrial insiders are exhanging ideas


Terminal user from North Ireland is warmly welcomed


China overseas markets seminar and guests


Glimpse of Highway-Railway Competition Seminar
Keynote speech delivered by Wang Wenbing, Deputy General Manager of Yutong
Liu Yifan, Director of Jiangxi Long-distance Transport Company, is clarifying a point
Peng Shaoqing, CEO of Inner Mongolia Hohhot Transport Company, is listening carefully
Zhang Jianping, CEO of Guangdong Maoming Transport Group
Li Xianming, General Manager of Taian Tourism Center, is taking notes by guests

Lv Yongping, General Engineer of Hohhot Automobile Transportation Group

Wu Yongqiang, Chief Editor of Chinabuses.com, is hosting the seminar

Chen Nanping, Jiangsu Nanjing Long-distance Passenger Transport Group

Yu Huaiyong, from Shenzhen Yunfa Group, is delivering subject speech

Lv Shuilian, Deputy General Manager of CAMA (Luoyang) Electromechanic Co., Ltd.

Wu Qinfeng, from Taian Transport Company
Li Dusheng, Zhongtong Bus Co., Ltd., is listening carefully
Wang Xinliang, from Higer Bus, is listening carefully
Leaders from China Road Transportation
Tan Yanjun, from Jiangxi Long-distance Transport
Technical Innovation & Application Contribution Awards

Suzhou Industrial Park Elion Technology Co., Ltd.
Nanjing Taisheng Technology Industry Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Maoming Transportation Group Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Long-distance Transportation Co., Ltd.
Beijing Shouqi Group Tourism Vehicle Company
Inner Mongolia Hohhot Transportation Co., Ltd.
Hunan CSR Times Electric Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Public Transport Group (Holding) Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Nanjing Long-distance Passenger Ttansport Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Yunfa Group Co., Ltd.
Jinan Public Transport Company
Liaocheng Transport Group
Puyang Transport Company
Ordos Auto Transportation Group
Beijing Beiqi Taxi Vehicle Group Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Transport Group Comapny
Nantong Auto Transport Group Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Long-distance Transport Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Yangzhou Vehicle Transport Comapny
Taian Transport Group
Tangshan Yiyun Group Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Vehicle Passenger Ttranspotation Co., Ltd.
CAMA (Luoyang) Electromechanic Co., Ltd.
Shandong Tongsun Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Annual Essay Directory

Influence of High-speed Railway to Road Passenger Transport and According Tactics Ji Yuanhai Chen Nanping
How Road Transport Companies Get Breakthrough under Crisis Wu Yongqiang
The Influence of Policy to Passenger Transport Yu Huaiyong
Race to Development of Tourism Passenger Transport Industry Li Xianming
Quicken the Pace of Tourism Transport Industry Wang Qijun
Analysis of Highway-Railway Competition and Structural Adjustment of Passenger Transport Ren Shifa
Discussion on Tactics in Highway-Railway Competition Yue Yucai
Development Direction of Bus Industry under Highway-Railway Competition Qu Tao
Long-term Influence of Land Passenger Transport Competition to Road Passenger Transport Qi Youqin
Five Measures for Bus Builders in Highway-Railway Competition Li Xiao
How Passenger Transport Companies to Save Fuel and Reduce Consumption Yu Jun
Maximize Benefits Through Diversification Transport Structure Ji Bing
Tourismization of Road Passenger Transport, Tactics under Crisis Jiang Lai
Advantages and Disadvantages of Opening Fuzhou to Xiamen High-speed Railway Liang Yuanyuan
Solution of Current China Bus Industry Li Dusheng
Branding of Technology and Service Zhengke
Rational Thinking Needed in China Bus Marketing Mode Ji Lijun
Review on China Bus Brand 2009 Qutao
Strategy on Perfecting Bus After-sales Services Hong Kairong
New Energy Bus, from City Bus Li Xianneng
Creation Starts from Independent Innovation Lu Yukai
Human Resource Seminar Site of China Bus Industry

Wubin, HR Manager of Higer Bus



Wang Qingzhou, Minister of Integrated Management Department in Beiqi Foton AUV Bus Company

Lei Yan, HR Manager of Chongqing Hengtong Bus Co., Ltd.


Zhao Jianjun, HR Director of Baoding Changan Bus Co., Ltd.


Zhang Fengjie, Changzhou Huanghai Auto Co., Ltd.



Lidan, HR Supervisor of Jiangsu ALFA Bus Co., Ltd.


Chen Haiyan, HR Manager of Shanghai Wanxiang Bus Co., Ltd.

Zhangfang, HR Manager of Zhongtong Bus Co., Ltd.


Wang Jianwen, HR Minister of Hunan CSR Times Electric Co., Ltd.
Yefang, HR Department of Xiamen King Long Bus Co., Ltd.

Lili, HR Manger of Baoding Changan Bus Co., Ltd.


Yangxin, HR Department of Beijing Firestone Spring Co., Ltd.
Chu Jianjun, Integrated Department of Beiqi AUV Bus Co., Ltd.

Meeting Place Panorama



Kang Youlin, duputy editor of chinabuses.com


2009 Best Employer in China Bus Market

Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.
Yutong Bus wins Best Employer
Who is the greatest bus builder with leadership genes last year? Who is famous in bus industry for its construction of harmous employment relationship? Who cares employees, takes responsibilities and makes astonishing achievement?

2009 Top Ten News in China Bus Industry

1、Four Ministries Support Development of New Energy Vehicles (4393 Votes)
2、"Yutong Cup" Energy-saving Competition Sweeps across the Country (3832 Votes)
3、Six Ministries Make Definite Goal of Export Development of Auto and Parts Products. (3378 Votes)
4、Chinese Elements Sparkling on 2009 Busworld Europe (3308 Votes)
5、Golden Dragon Passes through the First EWVTA in China (3180 Votes)
6、Chengyu BusTransport Takes Five Measures against High Speed Railway (2881Votes)
7、Special Coverage of the 60-years' Development of Chinese Bus Industry (2724 Votes)
8、Chengdu Bus Fire Highlights Safety Problems (2650 Votes)
9、Shanghai Diesel Engine Starts Environmental Protection with ANGVA (2509 Votes)
10、Chinese Bus Industry Serves National Games with Olympic Spirit (2420 Votes)

2010 Recommended Buses to China Market

Yutong Bus ZK6127H
4570 Votes
King Long XMQ6129Y5
4229 Votes
Higer Bus KLQ6125B
4038 Votes
Golden Dragen XML6858
3927 Votes
Youngman JNP6137S
3840 Votes
Ankai HFF6127K46EV
3797 Votes
Zhongtong LCK6125H-2
3663 Votes
Huanghai DD6129HES
3507 Votes
Foton AUV BJ6125U8BKB-2
3289 Votes
Sunwin SLK6872
3161 Votes
Zonda YCK6140HD
2939 Votes
Hengtong CKZ6127CH3
2818 Votes
Shaolin SLG6127C3BR
2580 Votes
Changlong YS6180
2532 Votes
2010 Buses and Coaches Recommeded to Overseas Markets

Kinglong XMQ 6900
3879 Votes
Higer KLQ6125A
3673 Votes
Zhongtong LCK6120
3522 Votes
Foton AUV BJ6123
3510 Votes
Yutong ZK6116
3315 Votes
Bonluck JXK6137
3879 Votes
Youngman JNP6122
3121 Votes
Golden Dragon XML6907
3089 Votes
Zonda YCK6127
3054 Votes
Huanghai DD6109S22
3001 Votes
Changan SC6100
2998 Votes
Hengtong CKZ6801
2987 Votes
2010 Energy-saving & Safety Parts and Components Awards

Cummins ISB6.7L Electronic Control Diesel Engine


3397 Votes
Shanghai Diesel Engine SC8DT Series Natural Gas Engine
3295 Votes

Allison T Series Transmission



2861 Votes

ZF Low-entry City Bus Axle System


2841 Votes

Telma FN72-40 Series Retarder


2745 Votes
Kingtec KSY Series Bus Air Conditioner
2670 Votes

Bitzer F600 Compressor


2601 Votes
The 4th Great Influence to China Bus Industry Policy, Technology, Brand and Markets Forum
Zhu Shuzeng, General Manager of Shouqi Group
Li Xianming, General Manger of Taian Tourism Company
Li Daoxin, Tianjin Public Transport Group
Yu Huaiyong, Shenzhen Yunfa Group
Chen Nanping, Nanjing Long-distance Transport Group
Photo Galary of Great Influence to China Bus Industry Awarding Ceremony

Great Influence to China Bus Industry Top Ten News Awarding Site


Great Influence to China Bus Industry 2010 Bus and Coach Recommended to China Markets Awarding Site
Great Influence to China Bus Industry 2010 Bus and Coach Recommended to Overseas Markets Awarding Site
Great Influence to China Bus Industry,2010 Recommendation on Energy-saving & Safety Components
Great Influence to China Bus Industry Technical Innovation & Application Contribution Awards

Interview of Winner of the Best Employer


Photos of Persons in charge of HR Depaerments


Interview of Director of Jinan Public Transport Company Technology Department
Interview of Dai Xiaoming, Jiangsu Yangzhou Auto Transport Group
Yuan Shunfu, Director of China Tourism Paper, is prize-giving winners
Live Glimpse

Guests Check-in
Guests Check-in

Warmly Welcome  
Dime of the forum
Excellent Comments

Netizen zxlchren comment: Four Ministries Support Development of New Energy Vehicles

Developemnt of new energy vehicles needs steady hard efforts, and we also need supports from government and stronger research ande developemnt efforts!

Netizen aibus comment: Yutong Sword ZK6127

The bus is durable and performs excellently with high markets share, but I hope better excellently manufacturered.

Bus Benben comment Higer Bus

Higer Bus has good salaries, and I suppose it's the best employer. Well, Yutong Bus is not bad, come on Higer!

Committee of Experts

Deputy General Manager of Yutong Bus Wang Wenbin
CEO of Inner Mongolia Hohhot Transport Company Peng Shaoqing
CEO of Maoming Transport Company Zhang Jianping
Jiangxi Long-distance Transport Company Liu Yifan
General Manager of Beijing Shouqi Group Zhu Shuzeng
CEO of Wushenqi Jindao Transportation Company Guo Juqian
Deputy Director of CRTA Chang Qingxian
Deputy General Manager of Tianjin Public Transport Company Li Daoxin
Nanjing Long-distance Transport Company Chen Nanping
Engineer of Shenzhen Yunfa Group Yu Huaiyong
Minister of Technical Department of Jinan Public Transport Company Gao Xinchuan
CEO of Liaocheng Transport Company Wang Hongyan
CEO of Puyang Transport Company Luan Xiangjie
Vice President of Ordos Transport GroupYan Jianjun
Deputy General Manager of Beiqi Rental Group Wang Jingang
CEO of Guangzhou Transport Company Zheng Shujian
Vice President of Nantong Transport Group Cao Jun
CEO of Jiangxi Long-distance Co., Ltd. Zhangping
Deputy General Manger of Shanghai Chitao Rental Company An Zhitao
Vice President of Fujian Zhangzhou Passenger Transport Comapny Liu xiangrong


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