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Yutong Bus ZK6129H
Yutong Bus ZK6129H
Yutong Bus ZK6129H
Yutong Bus ZK6129H




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Technical Parameter

Product Details

The attractive shape keeps pace with the world-advanced level.
The CATIA software creates perfect lines; European-style interior decoration has enhanced the brand value in an all-around manner; the creative scientific passenger bus forges extremely high performance-price ratio.
The attractive shape with the perfect lines
It is the first time for the domestic passenger bus industry to employ CATIA software for body design, which conforms to the principles of aerodynamics to a greater extent. The leading scientific technology is the guarantee of strengths.
The overall lines are smooth and full of senses of the times.
The super wide sunken-type windshield greatly beautifies the front of the body.
Interior Trimmings
European style comfortable traveling
The interior trimming is grand, and the humanized detail treatment provides infinite fun for the driver and passengers.
European style, modern and fashionable.
The people-oriented treatment of details builds up perfect space for the driver and passengers.
Control performance
novel and unique, with reasonable layout
Car-type dashboard takes the traveling safety into full consideration
The precise quantified indications of fuel make refueling management convenient.
The multi-functional layout creates a human-friendly environment.

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