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Golden Dragon Committed to Safeguard China’s Blue Sky

2018-10-30    Author:    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:Environmental protection, in Chinese President Xi Jinping’s eyes, should be treated as our lifeline and protected like the apple of our eye.

Environmental protection, in Chinese President Xi Jinping’s eyes, should be treated as our lifeline and protected like the apple of our eye.

“My hope is that every day we will see a blue sky, green mountains and clear rivers not just in Beijing, but all across China, so that our children will live in an enjoyable environment. This is a very important part of the Chinese Dream,” said President Xi.

On many occasions, Xi has called for a greater effort to promote green development, as the country seeks to better balance its economic growth and environmental protection.

In response to President Xi’s call for environmental protection, a publicity campaign themed with “Beautiful China-Online Media Eco-tour” was officially launched in Fuzhou on October 22. The very next day, a group of journalists paid an official visit to Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd. (here after referred to as Golden Dragon), which has been acclaimed as a role model in promoting green development and green lifestyle in China.

During their visit to Golden Dragon, all journalists were impressed by the neat and clean manufacturing environment of the bus maker. Actually, the bus maker introduced VOCs exhaust gas treatment facilities with an total investment of 12 million RMB. Since their operation in May 2017, the company has significantly lowered its environmental impacts.

According to Jiang Wenjie, Director of Environmental Protection Department of Golden Dragon, the company has made a total investment of over 70 million RMB in upgrading its manufacturing facilities and building its own sewage treatment station for its production base located in Haicang District, Xiamen.

Recently, Golden Dragon rolled out Xingchen, a minib-bus which is set to provide people with the last-mile transportation services. According to Peng Qingdong, General Manager of the bus maker, Xingchen has been put on trial operation in Shanghai and Fujian.

Having successfully developed its fifth generation new energy buses, Golden Dragon now boasts a wide spectrum of plug-in hybrid and electric buses measuring from 4.7 meters to 12 meters in length. In addition, they have established a solid presence in over 40 cities across China, including Beijing, Tianjin, Harbin, Kunming, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou and Sanya, etc.

On the international market, Golden Dragon electric buses have been working smoothly on Israel’s first electric bus route. Its electric aluminum bus, jointly developed with Netherlands’ bus maker EBUSCO, has won Eco-bus Award. So far, Golden Dragon electric buses have successfully made their way to dozens of developed countries in the world.(www.chinabuses.org)


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