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Syrian Government Delegation Visits HIGER Bus

2018-08-24    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:As the war in Syria is petering out, the post-war reconstruction has become an imminent task for the government The public transport system, as the city artery, cannot be ignored M Group, serving as the exclusive distributor of HIGER Bus in Syria

As the war in Syria is petering out, the post-war reconstruction has become an imminent task for the government. The public transport system, as the city artery, cannot be ignored. M Group, serving as the exclusive distributor of HIGER Bus in Syria, is the largest local auto production and sales company with its business involving every segment or process of vehicle import and export, assembly manufacturing and sales service. In the government’s invitation of bid for 200 city buses not long ago, both sides reached the deal for the biggest bus order for Syrian post-war reconstruction through the amicable consultation and cooperation.

On July 21, at the kind invitation of HIGER Bus and M Group, the exclusive distributor in Syria, a delegation composed 8 people, particularly including Bashar, the Chief Engineer of the Syrian Committee on Presidential Affairs in collaboration with M Group to visit HIGER Bus and inspect the city bus prototype, having received a warm reception from Mr. Jianzhong Xu, Vice General Manager of HIGER Bus.

Mr. Xu introduced to the delegation Higer development history, R&D, popularization and application of new energy bus and the overseas export. M Group and the government delegation toured the exhibition hall of HIGER and also got aboard the 12m city bus bound for Syria

Mr. Mallouk, CEO of M Group, gave hearty welcome to the government delegation visiting HIGER Bus and indicated that HIGER brand and product quality were the major reasons why M Group was so willing to cooperate with HIGER in the hope that both sides can join hands to make greater contributions to the Syrian post-war reconstruction.

Syrian Government Delegation lavished admiring praises on HIGER Bus for its large-scale and professional bus manufacturing, particularly remarking that there remained a huge possessing capacity of buses in the local market thanks to the vehicle’ reliable and steady performances coupled with the great comfort and safety, so HIGER Bus has gained an excellent reputation in the local market over years. Now the Syrian post-war reconstruction is conducted orderly, so it is highly hoped that more HIGER buses will serve the local public transport for the mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, so we expect that HIGER Bus will make greater contribution to Syrian public transport development.

Mr. Xu gave a HIGER bus model as a present to the government delegation in token of the best wishes and also said that it was incumbent upon HIGER Bus to positively participate in the Syrian post-war reconstruction in the expectation of an in-depth cooperation with the Syrian Government so that more HIGER buses can better serve the Syrian people for easy and convenient travel and effectively promote the fast post-war restoration and development of the local transportation industry.

Afterwards, the visiting Syrian engineers set about the meticulous inspection of the bus prototype, not missing every and all particulars about the vehicle body, interior trim, accessories and the power system, their rigorous attitude and professional capacities having won the great admiration. After the professional static and dynamic evaluation, engineers expressed the great satisfaction for the quality and exquisite workmanship of HIGER, confirming that the sample unit had complied with all bidding requirements of the government and had passed the rigorous prototype testing.

Reportedly,the successful bidder is HIGER Generation 4 representative bus product which has gone through a lot of adaptability design to cater to the peculiar geographical and cultural environment and use requirements in Syria, particularly the reinforcement treatment of the bus body and accessories, thus having fully complied with the provisions and requirements of the local laws and regulations. The bus has the modern and magnificent exterior design with the spacious and comfortable interior and sufficient power reserve. At present, the mass-manufacturing of 200 city buses is well underway in HIGER Bus in a bid to provide HIGER city buses to Syrian people for the earlier convenient travel and positively contribute “HIGER Force” to the Syrian post-war reconstruction.(www.chinabuses.org)


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