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Introduction of www.chinabuses.org

www.chinabuses.org is the sole professional window to overseas market that creates an international communication platform for domestic bus industry, building a bridge between domestic and overseas market and offering many overseas business opportunities. The website gains support and trust from people of more than one hundred countries and areas. They visit the website, delivering tables, sending E-mails and connecting us for asking industrial information and trying to contact Chinese manufacturers.


www.chinabuses.org has received efficient responses and purchasing information from China (Continent, Hongkong and Taiwan), Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, France, Britain, North America, South America and many other countries and areas. According to the data statistics, Asia readers possess 38.37%, Europe 20.93%, South America 9.3%, Central America 4.65%, Oceania 3.49% and North America 4.65% .


What is www.chinabuses.org about?


www.chinabuses.org was founded in 1999 with the help of European Consultant under overseas spreading background, becoming the earliest and sole domestic professional media. Both overseas and domestic customers and manufacturers had noticed the website at the beginning and sent consulting and purchasing information. Two domestic manufacturers finished overseas sales this year through the website platform. 


www.chinabuses.org has traditional and new items including Overseas Brand Promotion, English Advertisement and News Release, China Buses Guide, China Buses Overseas Readers Visiting Activity, China Buses Overseas Market Sodality, China Buses Overseas Market Intermediary Trade, China Buses International Logistics Solutions and International Professional News Media Resources Communication.


Early 2007, www.chinabuses.org became separate department to develop overseas market. In order to promote English website, we strengthen English Search Engine promotion and mutual connecting with foreign organ websites, meanwhile, North America Server was set in-phase for boost overseas visiting.


Since 2006, www.chinabuses.org has successfully organized overseas readers to visit china bus enterprises at their request. It promotes favorable development of china bus industry in international market and crates good interaction and communication opportunities. By dint of English website’s overseas great affection and readership base, more activities will be held progressively.


Professional leads excellence! Wish an honesty and efficient cooperation and communication with our clients. www.chinabuses.org aims to help domestic and overseas bus manufacturers to success and to cooperate with domestic enterprises to pave an overseas market road. “Help to success and get happiness” is our tenet. We are confident that www.chinabuses.org is your best choice for overseas brand promotion.

What do we do?

We present your brand name to readers across the globe;
We break your corporate news around the world;
We provide your sales team with prospective customers;
We lead your prospective customers to your negotiating table;
We assist you to grow locally and globally.

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