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Sichuan Hyundai Aims to Grow by 17% in its Sales in 2017

2017-02-03    Author:    Source:www.chinabuses.org
Summarize:www chinabuses org: Early January, Sichuan Hyundai 2017 Business Meeting was held in Emeishan, on which it indicate
www.chinabuses.org: Early January, Sichuan Hyundai 2017 Business Meeting was held in Emeishan, on which it indicated that the company is aiming to grow by 17% with a total sales volume reaching 45,000 units in 2017.
In 2016, due to GB-1589, National-V Emission Standards and customers’ changing demands, China’s commercial vehicle market witnessed tremendous changes. 6X4 vehicles with 400-500 horsepower saw a dramatic increase and vehicles with National V emission standards gained rising popularity. The high-end market maintained a robust growing momentum.
Against such a backdrop, Sichuan Hyundai rolled out Zhidao, a brand specially targeted at the high-end market. Zhidao further complemented the company’s product line and particularly strengthened its competitiveness in the high-end vehicle market.
In addition, Sichuan Hyundai rolled out Chuanghu dregs vehicle, Chuanghu dangerous chemicals transportation vehicle, Chuanghu6X2 transportation vehicle, Zhidao800W heavy-duty truck, e-County coach, and Zhidao 300M light truck.
In 2016, Sichuan Hyundai set up 100-plus more distributors with the total number of its distributors reaching over 500. Moreover, it newly established 126 service stations and six warehouses. So far, the total number of its service stations has reached 786 and its warehouses 12. By further improving its after-sales services and holding a number of activities, such as major customers visiting South Korea, Chuanghu energy-saving competition, product tours, the company has greatly enhanced its brand image among the general public.
County, Chuanghu, Zhidao and Nanjun, the four brands of Sichuan Hyundai gained more market shares in 2016. In the year, the company’s sales volume stood at 39,633 units, up by 33.7% year on year.
In 2017, Sichuan Hyundai will be faced with a host of challenges. The auto maker is planning to sell 45,000 units. In the meantime, it will implement 113 New Product Plan, promoting its brands, like Zhidao, Hyundai, Zhidao, Nanjun and brand new high-end Hyundai QTc, Chuanghu series vehicles, Zhidao 300N light truck, Zhidao 500M light truck. In addition, the company will diversify its products and strengthen its financial services. To further improve its customers’ satisfaction, it will increase the number of its service stations for heavy-duty trucks to 260, service stations of medium- and light-trucks to 500, bus service stations to 180. And it will add another four warehouses. Sichuan Hyundai will build its internet of vehicle platform, providing whole life-cycle services for its vehicles.

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